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Vegreen Noodle Vegan Soup Noodles

Noodles the VeGreen Way

50+ delicious dishes 100% plant based

Elevate Your Plant-Based Culinary Journey with Every Bite.

Grand Opening on 9.15.2023


Explore diverse flavors: classics like Sesame Chicken and Mongolian Beef, plus unique dishes, hearty noodle soups, and vegan sushi rolls.
Vegan Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Japanese Style
Vegreen Noodle Store


Experience the inviting ambiance of our restaurant – it's bright, clean, and lively, creating the perfect setting for any occasion.


Whether it's a corporate meeting or a special celebration, our catering caters to all occasions.
Vegan Xiaolong bao
Vegan Noodle buns

Full Belly.

We’re bringing flavors VEGAN delights - to your plate.

Welcome to Vegreen, where the spirit of compassionate dining meets the vibrant world of plant-based cuisine. Our culinary journey is deeply rooted in values of sustainability and kindness, delivering dishes that transcend expectations and open minds to the incredible possibilities of meat-free dining.

With multiple locations including Vegreen Fusion in Duluth, Vegreen 2Go in Duluth, and Vegreen Burger in Kennesaw, our movement grows stronger. Each vegan meal enjoyed by our patrons contributes to a smaller carbon footprint, lessens animal cruelty, and offers health benefits that resonate within.


Vegreen is more than just a restaurant; it's a platform advocating the myriad advantages of veganism. We are steadfast in our mission to share the message that embracing plant-based choices doesn't compromise taste but enhances well-being, compassion, and positive change. Through our culinary creations, we extend the warmth of kindness to all, one plate at a time.

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